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Lawn & Bed Maintenance

Commercial Lawn & Bed Maintenance

Commercial Services

Premium Quality Garden & Lawn Care Services

Mr. Lawnmower offers different programs for our grounds care maintenance services, including:

Organic Lawn Care, Hybrid Lawn Care, Traditional Lawn Care.

Organic Lawn Care

Organic fertilizer helps offset the disadvantages of traditional fertilizer by increasing diversity in the soil, creating a healthier, stronger lawn. It does this because organic fertilizer is made from natural plant, animal, and mineral sources. As a result, it provides long-term value.

Organic lawn care offers the following benefits to your lawn: Better drainage, Minimizes erosion, Requires less mowing, Safer for people and animals, Creates long-lasting soil health, Soil builds immunity to pests and diseases.

Hybrid Lawn Care

Our hybrid lawn care program provides the environmental benefits of organic fertilizer with the weed-killing capability of traditional fertilizer. It is both cost-effective in the short and long run.

The benefits of our hybrid lawn care program include:

Safe for people and animals, Helps promote long-term soil health, Makes lawn more resilient to drought, Creates a small amount of soil micro-organisms, Requires less frequent mowing and upkeep, Traditional fertilizer will help stop weed growth.

Traditional Lawn Care

Traditional lawn care has the fast results and short-term appearance improvement you need. While organic fertilizers release nutrients slowly over time, traditional lawn care provides quick-release soil nutrients at a more affordable price. However, traditional lawn care may require more soil upkeep.

Things to consider for traditional lawn care:

More affordable, Typically delivers faster results, Depletes micro-organisms in the soil, Requires moderation, or soil will be damaged, Not as safe for people and animals

Commercial Lawn Care & Maintenance

Commercial Services

Keep Your Property's Lawn Beautiful Year-Round

Your commercial lawn requires vigilant care and regular maintenance in order to stay green, full, and healthy. Neglected lawns can begin to get dry, patchy, and weedy. Scheduling regular maintenance with our lawn maintenance company allows you to maintain a beautiful and professional business exterior.

Our Commercial Landscaping and Lawn Care Services: What Is Included

Our lawn care services include, but are not limited to:


Prep your lawn for the spring season with help from our team at The Grounds Guys! We’ll clear away dead leaves and debris so that nothing gets in the way of a healthy green lawn after the colder months.


Keeping a lawn pristine and manicured is a big job during the fall. We can handle this for you with regular fall clean-up services that include raking and pruning.


Our precision mowers will keep your commercial grass tidy, even, and beautiful year-round, as a reflection of your business and our commitment to you.


Regular treatments such as fertilization, aeration, top dressing, and dethatching make sure that your expensive lawn stays green and lush.


Seeding services, floral displays, mulching, and sodding can enhance the appearance of a lawn. Learn more about our services designed to keep your commercial turf attractive and healthy on our turf enhancements page.

Contact Mr. Lawnmower for Superior Service

A lawn is a big investment. Don’t let it get untidy or fall into disrepair! Our team is here to take care of all the necessary details so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn without any hassle whatsoever.

Commercial Garden Bed Maintenance

Commercial Services

Caring for Flowers and Maintaining Your Curb Appeal

Any business or commercial property wants to appear attractive. Curb appeal is how customers and clients often judge whether they can trust your services to be detail-oriented and high-quality. So hire a detail-oriented and high-quality grounds care company for your garden maintenance needs! Mr. Lawnmower offers services to ensure that your commercial property is looking its best.

Our garden bed maintenance services include:

Raking, Caring for flowers, Cultivating the soil, Clearing away garbage, Controlling weed growth, Defining the borders of the garden.

We know that maintenance requires more than watering a few potted plants a few times a year. Keeping your garden looking clean and beautiful every season requires the precision, expertise, and care that Mr. Lawnmower can offer. We offer commercial clients free estimates, so schedule an appointment with us today or call for more information!

World-Class Landscaping Experts & Lawn Care Services

Professional landscaping for your business is an investment in your appearance and your brand. Mr. Lawnmower understands the power of good appearances—it’s why clean vehicles, clean uniforms, and cheerful attitudes are part of our values. We apply our customer-first values to everything we do, from the way we prune your plants to the way we speak to you on the phone. We work hard to ensure that your company’s curb appeal is the best it has ever been, making your lawn and garden a source of pride.

Call Mr. Lawnmower Today!

Our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations with every visit and every call. We do that by offering the highest-quality customer service and landscaping expertise. Everything we offer, from lawn care programs to our maintenance services to our free estimates, are a reflection of our commitment to you.

Turf Maintenance for Commercial Locations

Commercial Services

Industry Leading Expertise & Consistent Customer Satisfaction

The appearance of turf can deeply affect the appearance of your business. Healthy, green, and beautiful turf can increase your curb appeal a great deal. Brown and patchy turf, however, is far less attractive. Healthy turf is only possible through consistent, detail-oriented maintenance and care—which is exactly the kind of care that Mr. Lawnmower offers on every visit.

High-Quality Turf Maintenance

Without turf maintenance service from Mr. Lawnmower, soil can become compacted and stressed, looking more like a dirt road than a beautiful lawn. Grass begins to grow in patches, growing thinner and less green over time. Vibrant lawns require high-level turf care. While we use whatever methods we need to exceed your expectations, we employ three main methods for turf care.

Our turf care program includes the following services: Dethatching, Top dressing, Aeration.


Thatch is a layer of roots, stems, and unattractive plant life that sucks the nutrients out of your soil and keeps water out. We use specialized equipment to clear your lawn for lush, strong growth.


Grass not only needs water to grow, but its roots also need to breathe. Aeration pokes holes in compacted soil through which air and water can travel, stimulating growth and healthy turf. Our world class service will complete this task cleanly, quickly, and with careful attention to detail.

Call Mr. Lawnmower for World-Class Service

We offer free consultations and estimates to all our commercial clients. In addition, we are able to take calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When you need us, we will be there.

Commercial Tree & Shrub Pruning

Commercial Services

World-Class Grounds Care for Businesses & Corporations

If your business has trees or shrubs on the grounds, then you will need the expert landscaping professionals at Mr. Lawnmower. We serve commercial clients throughout all of Canada, including schools, hotels, banks, and more. Our pruning services can ensure that the appearance of your business is not only clean and professional, but also a pleasure to look at.

Pruning is an important maintenance practice that is absolutely crucial to the life of your trees and the appearance of your location. When it comes to trees, hedges, shrubs, or leafy plants of any kind, pruning can mean the difference between a lush landscape and a dirty, dead-looking lawn.

Tree Pruning & Its Benefits

Pruning is when dead growth and overgrown branches are cut away from a tree. While it may seem like just a haircut for plants, its purpose is actually far more important.

The benefits of pruning include:

Increasing resistance to disease, Encouraging the growth of your trees, Allowing more sunlight to reach your plants, Keeping trees healthy and structurally sound, Improving the appearance of your business location, Reducing the risk of property damage due to heavy winds.

Landscaping Experts Keep Your Lawn Looking Clean & Healthy

The industry-leading quality of our pruning services means more than just healthy trees and shrubs. It means providing a clean and fresh look to your grounds and addressing the needs of your business in everything we do. Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing exceptional front-line service with well-trained employees who thrive because of our positive culture. We do not just remove dead growth—we make sure that your garden looks and feels alive year-round.

Contact Mr. Lawnmower

Mr. Lawnmower delivers a beautiful, pristine landscape for your commercial location, and we do it efficiently and professionally, with a smile. We maintain the highest standards for our customers—it’s why we are North America’s leading landscaping business.

Commercial Lawn Care in the Spring

Commercial Services

Clean-Up Services to Bring Your Business’ Appearance Back to Life

When the winter chill has lifted and nature begins to burst with life, your business’ location may be left looking chaotic and neglected. Let Mr. Lawnmower handle your lawn spring cleaning needs! Our lawn care and garden bed specialists are experts in all matters of landscaping, and we can have your business looking clean and fresh efficiently and effectively! Call Mr. Lawnmower headquarters today to schedule an appointment with a landscaping specialist near you!

Why the Need for Spring Maintenance?

Keeping your grounds attractive and well-maintained year-round is a sign to your clients that you are ready for business in any season. An unkempt appearance can indicate otherwise. Fall and winter can leave a commercial location looking harsh and unhealthy. If your company’s curb appeal has fallen into disarray, consider taking advantage of our spring clean-up services!

Our professional landscaping crews provide the following spring services to businesses:

Garden bed maintenance, Plant bed maintenance, Fertilization / aeration, Garbage / debris clearance, Insect and pest management, Tree and shrub pruning / trimming, Precise weed control and prevention.

Professional, Honest, & Values-Based Service

Our mission as a company is to exceed the expectations of each of our clients by providing exceptional front-line service with well-trained employees who thrive because of our positive culture. We will always provide you with service that is transparent and worthy of your trust and confidence, from the way we take your call to the condition in which we leave your property. Our goal with each visit is to provide the highest-quality landscape service you have ever received.

Commercial Fall-Clean Up Services

Commercial Services

Landscaping & Grounds Care Service Throughout Canada

Fall is the messiest season when it comes to your business location’s appearance. Leaves and dead growth litter the ground, keeping your healthy plants from receiving sunlight. While this is a normal part of the season, you still want to keep your business looking pristine.

That’s why Mr. Lawnmower offers fall clean-up services—to make sure your business looks clean, professional, and beautiful all year long. Our landscaping specialists are timely, uniformed, and responsive to your needs. Our highest value is providing for the needs of our customers, so making you happy through grounds care service is what we do best!

Fall Maintenance Crews from Mr. Lawnmower

Part of fall cleaning is preparing your property for the winter. By providing maintenance, we can ensure that your property’s soil remains healthy and well-nurtured while keeping your curb appeal high! We give our commercial clients seasonal care that provides a clean appearance at all times of the year.

Some of our fall clean-up services include: Weed prevention, Weed removal, Raking, Fertilization, Aeration, Pruning / trimming, Decluttering / clearing debris.

Our reputation is founded on a total commitment to client satisfaction. Our aim is not just to provide for your needs, but to exceed them in every way. From the way we take your call, to the way we leave your property, our primary goal is ensuring you have received the best landscaping service you have ever had. High-quality education and training, combined with a culture that prioritizes professional attitudes and customer care, means our professionals are world-class providers of landscaping service.

Commercial Mulch Services for Business Locations

Commercial Services

World-Class Landscaping & Lawn Care for Your Company

Weed growth can affect both the beauty and health of your property. By taking nutrients away from the plants you want, weeds can outright kill your lawn’s appearance. That’s why Mr. Lawnmower offers expert mulch services. Our approach is more than about garden maintenance. Each employee is highly-trained to provide you with industry-leading care in landscaping and customer service.

What Does Mulching Do?

Mulching is a deceptively simple-looking practice: you place a thick layer of material on top of your soil to keep weeds from receiving water or sunlight. This prevents them from growing, and is far more effective than constant weed-pulling. Mulch can be organic or inorganic, providing different benefits.

Examples of mulch include: Stones, Chips, Plastic, Bark chips, Straw, Grass clippings, Cocoa shells.

Mulch Benefits

Mulching, while it is primarily known for preventing weed growth, possesses many more advantages to property managers.

These advantages include:

Preventing erosion, Minimizing soil compaction, Helping regulate soil temperature, Conserving wetness and saving water, Increasing the nutrients in the soil, Maintaining an even appearance across your property.

Our landscaping experts not only know what type of mulch will optimize your landscape’s health and beauty, but we know when it is the optimum time to apply mulch. Mulching too soon or too late can prevent the soil from retaining warmth, which can damage your landscape. Our team of specialists are highly-trained in applying mulch precisely when it will do the most good for your lawn or garden.

Seasonal Colour for Your Business

Commercial Services

Beauty for Your Commercial Location Year-Round

While the seasons dictate that some plants look their best at only certain times of the year, Mr. Lawnmower have the insight and knowledge to keep your business looking vibrant at all times. Our landscaping professionals possess extensive training in horticulture, allowing us to create pristine landscapes.

We do this by planting flowers and plants in the seasons in which they flourish, planning your landscape around the year. The landscape of your property will look lush and varied in every season, and the curb appeal of your business will become a source a pride. We have the most trusted name in commercial landscaping services, so you can rely on us to deliver world-class results.

Seasonal Landscaping Colour Services

Our seasonal program includes the following benefits: Insect / pest control, Garden bed installation, Garden bed maintenance, Weed prevention / control.

We choose seasonal plant varieties that ensure your commercial property will always look excellent. Our extensive planning and knowledge base means we choose the plants that are best for your location, in your property type, in every season. You can discuss your needs with our specialists 24 hours a day.

Contact Our Landscaping Experts Today!

Mr. Lawnmower serve the needs of commercial clients all throughout Canada. With 250 North American locations, there’s never a Grounds Guys crew that is too far away to meet your needs. Our services are created with your needs in mind. Our diverse clients include hospitals, hotels, and more.

We possess the knowledge to create beautiful, seasonal, and environmentally-friendly landscapes, and we can handle projects at any size. Our services are industry-leading quality, but our values are what make us a world-class landscaping and lawn care service.

Commercial Tree Care & Maintenance

Commercial Services

High-Quality Landscape Work from Lawn Care Specialists

Trees are an important part of any landscape. They are beautiful, a major part of the local ecosystem, and take decades to mature. They’re also notoriously difficult and expensive to replace. As such, they are a valuable part of your business’ appearance, so hire top-notch specialists to care for your trees.

Mr. Lawnmower are internationally-recognized authorities in the field of landscaping, lawn care, and garden bed maintenance. Our commercial clients include schools, hospitals, banks, and hotels—all locations who recognize the value of curb appeal. We provide science-based, world-class service that ensures your property looks vibrant, clean, and beautiful at all times.

Maintain the Health & Vitality of Your Trees!

Our tree maintenance work program includes the following services:


We protect your tree from dangerous pests and parasites.


We protect the colour and strength of tree trunks through precise injection treatments.


We protect trees from the strongest late-season insects.


We ensure young trees growth healthy, strong, and vibrantly.


We conduct check-ups to keep track of tree health.

Each client has different needs, so we tailor our approach according to your specific needs. No matter what, our teams wear professional uniforms, operate clean, branded vehicles, and provide timely and reliable service to your commercial location. Our scientifically-structured approach to landscaping and tree work has made us the most trusted name in commercial grounds care services.