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Landscape / Hardscape Services for Commercial Locations

Commercial Services

Year-Round Beauty for Schools, Hospitals, Banks, & More!

Any experienced business owner can explain the value of curb appeal. How your commercial space looks can make or break a business. While we have all seen poor landscaping before, few of us realize the power of a beautiful, vibrant, and rich landscape design until we enjoy one personally. That is the service that Mr. Lawnmower offers to commercial clients throughout Canada—a lush, attractive landscape that can be a source of pride for any business manager or owner.

Hardscape for Commercial Properties

Hardscaping, put simply, is the use of stones or inorganic materials in a landscape design. For example, a granite-step walkway would be an example of a hardscape element. Hardscaping is unique from landscaping in that it is not growing or seasonal, but it is still a vital part of a healthy landscape.

Hardscaping adds a powerful new dimension to any landscape design. Our knowledgeable stonemasons work with our landscape design specialists to provide diverse forms of lawn care splendor.

More examples of effective hardscaping include: Stone pathways, Walls, Patios, Staircases, Stone slabs, Stepping stones, Permeable pavers, Reinforced turf.

Commercial Softscape Design

In contrast, softscape is made of all the organic parts of a landscape, which includes: Garden beds, Shrubs, Flowers, Trees, Grass, Soil / turf.

Mr. Lawnmower is more than a team of gardeners—we are trained horticulturists, equipped with the scientific knowledge and professional experience to deliver beautiful, arresting results. On top of our internationally-recognized expertise, our company is devoted to a single mission: exceeding the expectations of our clients by providing exceptional front-line service with well-trained employees who thrive because of our positive culture. No matter the size or scope of the project, our aim will always be to overwhelm you with excellent, cheerful service and amazing results.

Landscaping for All Commercial Locations

Commercial Services

World-Class Lawn Care Service Throughout Canada

At its best, a well-maintained and healthy lawn space speaks to the excellence, diligence, and care of the business that resides there. At its worst, it may be a signal to customers and clients that a company does not care for preparation or the well-being of its customers.

That’s why Mr. Lawnmower takes our landscaping projects seriously—we want our high-quality work to reflect the values of your company, serving as a physical reminder of your excellence and care. We create environmentally-friendly, beautiful, and vibrant landscapes that can become a source of pride.

Why Choose Mr. Lawnmower?


Each of our landscape designs are created to help benefit the environment, from fertilizer that revitalizes the soil to minimally-wasteful technologies. Each of our spaces are beautiful and responsible.


We design your landscape to suit your soil’s best qualities, eliminating draining issues, preventing erosion, and allowing for maximum healthy growth.


Our approach takes advantage of the beauty and strength of our local plant varieties, which preserves the health of your property while eliminating pests.


Through hardscape and softscape design, our specialists integrate beautiful plants with complementary stonework, creating a truly unique space.

Commercial Hardscape Services in Canada

Commercial Services

World-Class Landscape Design Specialists Serve Your Needs

While landscaping often brings to mind maintaining the lawn, creating garden beds that complement the season, and other things of that nature, Mr. Lawnmower is not limited to plant life in our landscape designs. Our industry-leading team includes specialists in stonemasonry, providing a service known as “hardscaping.” Hardscaping is the integration of constructed elements into a property’s landscape.

Hardscaping includes elements like:

Staircases, Fountains, Pools, Fireplaces / firepits, Stonework, Buildings, Bridges, Retaining walls.

Our hardscape experts can incorporate elements like these into your property’s design to great effect, creating a beautiful and varied environment.

Professionally Reliable. Environmentally Responsible.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, Mr. Lawnmower continues to seek state-of-the-art ways of building structures that beneficially co-exist with nature. We take into account multiple details, such as the drainage issues of your location, the type of soil you possess, and other high-level concerns. Our work is always precise and takes into account both your needs and the needs of your location.

We Design Your Property Alongside You

In each of our initial consultations, we discuss your desires and goals as a business owner—your preferences for your space, what you like, what you’d like to avoid—so that we can exceed your expectations. Our mission is to be more than adequate—we want to overwhelm you with our helpful attitude, our respectful approach, and our high-quality results.

Commercial Driveway & Parking Lot Maintenance

Commercial Services

Industry Leaders in Commercial Property Service

Mr. Lawnmower is a full-service grounds care company, meaning we handle all types of commercial property needs. One of our services includes regular maintenance of your company’s driveway or parking lot.

Parking Lot Painting & Refinishing

When your parking lot is plagued by potholes, cracks, and faded stripes, your business’ appearance and operations suffer. To prevent damage to your property and the cars on your lot, call our company!

Mr. Lawnmower offers services such as: Crack sealing, Seal coating, Parking lot striping.

Regular maintenance is not only important for your image—it extends the lifespan of your parking lot. Our grounds care professionals are experienced in all types of property maintenance. We provide a free evaluation of your lot, and we design a maintenance package that is perfect for your needs.

Our Driveway Repair & Maintenance Services

Crack Sealing

Concrete driveways develop cracks over time, particularly when two stone slabs meet (also known as a cold joint). Sealing the cracks prevents water from getting underneath the concrete, damaging the integrity of the whole driveway and risking potentially catastrophic damage.

Crack Filling

For cracks on asphalt surfaces, our team can clear out debris, apply a strong filler, and smooth it out so that the surface is as good as new. We accomplish this in a timely and efficient manner, making sure to respect your business and its needs.

Hot Patch Services

Our hot patch services utilize specialized machinery and high-temperatures to repair asphalt surfaces quickly and effectively. It is a cost-effective way to ensure your foundation maintains its integrity, preventing erosion from occurring in the foundation of your structure.

Commercial Property Need Maintenance?

Commercial Services

Hire the Most Trusted Name in Grounds Care in Canada

The first impression your business makes is through your property’s appearance. When your business looks clean and well-maintained, your customers feel more confident that they can trust your services. Whether many businesses realize it or not, investing in professional property maintenance is one of the strongest investments they can make in their own brand.

Good maintenance is not an accident. It requires careful scheduling and planning, attention to detail, and an understanding of how to control plant growth responsibly. Each of these and more are offered by Mr. Lawnmower, an internationally-recognized authority in the field of lawn care, and property maintenance. When you work with us, we serve you with the highest levels of landscaping expertise.

What Does Property Maintenance Entail?

Our regular maintenance program includes the following services:


Our team defines the edges of your garden beds and grass areas, keeping them clean and sharp.


We make sure your space looks clear and professional at all times.


Our commercial mowing services are high-quality, offering precision and efficiency at professional standards.


We keep your trees, shrubs, and bushes clean and well-shaped.


Any empty fields on your property receive full-service care, from mowing to shredding.


All walkways, sidewalks, and pathways are regularly cleared by our maintenance team.

Commercial Power Washing Service

Commercial Services

Trusted Landscape Specialists for Corporate Spaces

Sometimes the level of cleaning that you require is beyond consumer-level equipment or knowledge. Even if it weren’t, your time is precious—instead, entrust an internationally-renowned grounds care company to employ power washing services for you. Mr. Lawnmower is here to provide high-pressure professional cleaning services, so your business can look pristine all year long.

What Can Power Washing Do for My Property?

It may be hard to notice in the moment, but over time grime, dirt, dust, and other contaminants can build up in layers around your property. Before many owners realize it, their once-welcoming commercial space is now shabby, dully, and unsanitary. Cobwebs, bird feces, and ash can also accrue over time, ruining the professional image of your company. Proper cleaning can clear it all away.

Power washing is simple: it blasts water at incredibly high pressures to clear away years of dirt in a matter of seconds. In addition, power washing can rid your building or storefront of graffiti, paint markings, and other forms of vandalism. Pressure washing services provide a way for your business to quickly regain a new, pristine appearance with the simplest of resources.

Commercial Grounds Care Service for a Variety of Properties

Mr. Lawnmower offers power washing service to a range of businesses and property types, including:

Retail stores, Office buildings, Gas stations, Malls / shopping centres, Banks, Churches, Parking Garages, Amusement parks, Restaurants.

Our Team of Grounds Care Specialists Are Here to Serve You

Whatever the size and purpose of your business, we can make sure your property looks clean, fresh, vibrant, and beautiful. Our aim as a company is to ensure that you look your best year-round. Call today!

Commercial Aquatic Management Services

Commercial Services

Cleaning & Maintaining Water on Your Business’ Property

The team of aquatic management specialists at Mr. Lawnmower is ready to handle all of your needs, no matter the type of water you have on your commercial property. We can ensure that your water stays clean, attractive, and pristine. Our team can prevent the infestation of pests, and will ensure that your water will be a centerpiece of your landscape, not an eyesore.

Mr. Lawnmower experts always arrive in clean uniforms, drive clean and branded vehicles, and provide timely responses and service. Our mission is to exceed our client’s expectations with everything we do, from taking your call to the way we leave your property. Our company is founded on putting your needs first through incredible customer service and industry-leading grounds care services.

World-Class Service for Any Water Management Need

If your business has any type of water or a similar type to the ones listed below, call Mr. Lawnmower!

Pond, Retention Pond, Koi Pond, Waterfall, Fountain

Poor care of these features can result in truly unfortunate effects, including the addition of features you may not have wanted. Fortunately, our water management team provides comprehensive maintenance programs that make sure your business always looks its best.

With service from Mr. Lawnmower, you can prevent:

Algae growth, Aquatic weeds, Muddy water, Bad odours, Midge flies, Mosquitoes.

Interiorscaping Experts

Commercial Services

Landscaping for Your Indoor Commercial Property

Commercial buildings, from retail locations to office plazas, include some form of interior landscaping. This includes planters with dozens of flowers, indoor trees, fern pots, or central garden areas. These pieces provide a beautiful change of scenery, adding an element of vitality and life to what are traditionally very industrial, inorganic settings.

Interiorscaping offers property managers a way to beautify their properties and indoor spaces. Lobby areas, central walkways, and major areas of traffic within buildings and plazas can often look harsh or uninviting without the right organic elements. That’s why hotels, malls, and other customer-oriented spaces feature elements of indoor landscaping—they make the space look and feel better. The softness of trees, flowers, and leaves contrasts with the tile and granite of commercial interior design.

Even more importantly, plants produce oxygen and provide a natural and pleasing fragrance that air fresheners or candles cannot match. They improve air quality and morale, and give employees and clients alike a way to enjoy the outdoors while within the walls of their workplaces. In other words—interiorscaping is a cost-effective and high-value service our landscapers provide.

Why Hire Professional Landscapers?

Mr. Lawnmower are nationally-recognized landscaping experts, experienced in handling all types of decorative plant life. Our grounds care professionals are trained in science-based horticulture that translates into healthier, more vibrant plant life for your interior space. All of our practices are environmentally-friendly and designed for long-term viability.

The limited space of your planters and indoor gardens means you need a true professional, someone who understands precisely what plants will require to thrive in your indoor environment. Sunlight, air quality, and indoor temperature are all factors that will affect your interiorscape. Handling your plants requires attention to detail, quick-responses, and passion for the work—all things that Mr. Lawnmower stands for with every job we complete. No matter how big or small the job is, we're ready to tackle it.