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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting for Homes

Commercial Services

World-Class Landscaping Specialists for Your Corporate Location

Outdoor lighting can impact the appearance of a property in profound ways. The right lighting can make your landscape look cohesive, clean, and attractive. Good lighting can mean the difference between an inviting location and a shoddy, dangerous-looking one. Our team of landscape designers are highly-trained in integrating all elements of a commercial property into your design, including outdoor lighting.

Mr. Lawnmower provides comprehensive outdoor lighting services to businesses and companies throughout Canada, including banks, hotels, schools, and hospitals. Our lighting solutions are elegant and efficient, offering beautiful designs that suit your specific needs. In addition, we provide all the maintenance for our installations, so you never have to worry about your lighting again when you call us.

Comprehensive Lighting Services for All Outdoor Needs

Our lighting service programs include:

Replacing all bulbs, Installing holiday lighting, Handling all light timer concerns, Managing all electrical connections, Installing / maintaining fixtures, Adjusting lighting in landscape design, Ensuring plants and lights are safely separated, Repairing / burying below-ground wiring.

Residential Holiday Lighting Services

Commercial Services

Bringing Festive Cheer to Your Company’s Property!

For this holiday season, let your business participate in the seasonal celebration through custom lighting solutions. Mr. Lawnmower team of outdoor lighting specialists know how to safely install and maintain holiday lighting throughout the season, so you don’t have to worry about it. With over 250 locations in North America, there’s always a Mr. Lawnmower team nearby to handle your seasonal lighting needs.

Lighting for Christmas & All Other Holidays

Many business owners want their location to be a part of the cheerful atmosphere, but often lack the time or expertise to handle their lighting safely and efficiently. However, that doesn’t mean you have to keep your business from participating—call the Mr. Lawnmower for lighting to accentuate any holiday.

Our landscape design specialists are highly-trained in integrating the elements of landscape into a beautiful and cohesive appearance. When it comes to the holidays, it means we make your business look its best for any occasion. Professional appearance does not have to be dour—we ensure your company looks pristine and well-maintained during the holiday season.

We provide beautiful holiday lighting solutions for all commercial properties and companies, including:

Schools, Hotels, Banks, Hospitals, Shopping centres, Office buildings, Boutiques.