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Pest, Weed & Fertilization

Pest, Weed & Fertilization Services

Residential Services

Keeping Your Residential Property Beautiful Year-Round

Need to combat pests, weeds, and dead grass? Leave it to Mr. Lawnmower! Our dedicated landscaping and lawn care experts are proud to offer top quality fertilization, weed control, and pest control services to homeowners. We can assess your property management needs and help you find the treatment plan that is best for your specific preferences. Our lawn care programs are all designed to help keep your property green, lush, and beautiful throughout the seasons.

Finding the Right Lawn Care Program

At Mr. Lawnmower, we understand that every homeowner has unique preferences and goals for their property. That is why we have tailored our lawn care services to meet these needs and preferences.

We offer three distinct programs for you to select from:


Designed to help keep your lawn free from harsh chemicals, this program allows you to see natural, healthy results. While it can take longer, the results are more sustainable and your lawn will be 100% safe for children, pets, and the environment!


Combining the best of both traditional and organic approaches, this program uses minimal chemicals and more weed control than the organic program, but still remains safe for people, pets, and your local environment.


While it is considered the most affordable and instantly effective program, it does involve harsher chemicals that aren’t as safe for the environment and may reduce micro-nutrients in your soil over time.

Each program has pros in cons, with the extreme organic option taking longer to see effective results and the traditional program providing instant, but less natural and safe results. Mr. Lawnmower can help you find the right program depending on the state of your soil, personal preferences, and budget.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy: Contact Our Experts

No matter which program you select, you will still get exceptional pest and weed control support while infusing your lawn with the fertilizer treatments it needs to stay healthy all year long.

Under our three lawn care programs, we also offer three lawn care packages (essential, advanced, and premium) that involve varying treatment frequencies. This means you can customize our unique grounds care programs to meet your exact goals for your property.

Residential Pest Control

Residential Services

Nationwide Grounds Care Services for Residential Landscapes

Keeping your lawn and landscaping pest free requires vigilance and experience. Our experts at Mr. Lawnmower know how to keep your landscape safe and free of common pests. We understand the importance of regular landscaping and lawn care services and we can help you protect your property and your investment. Contact our team of pest control professionals to learn more.

Our Pest Control Plans Are Customized & Comprehensive

We begin every job with a thorough assessment of your individual lawn. This special observatory period is important because every landscape is different, and providing the care it needs is not a “one-size-fits-all” job. Our residential pest control professionals do what we can to provide customized services. We know that you deserve quality care for your landscape, and we take the time necessary to provide it.

Our pest control treatments are designed to be fully integrated, customized to the unique parameters of each greenspace, and comprehensive. You won’t just receive control for any existing problems, but management to prevent any problems in the future. Some examples of common lawn pests include:

Ants, Centipedes / Millipedes, Boxelder Bugs, Fleas, Ticks, Silverfish, Spiders, Clover Mites, Sowbugs, Aphids, Scale, Earwigs, Crickets.

You can also take steps to protect your home, such as:

Keeping garbage cleared away, Making sure that any cracks around doors / windows are sealed, Ensuring that especially moist areas in your home are identified and addressed, Making sure that food is not left around your kitchen or outside, Move firewood away from your house.

Interested in Weed Control Services?

Residential Services

Serving Homeowners Across America with Landscaping and Lawn Care Services

Keep your home free of weeds minus the hassle by retaining our experts at Mr. Lawnmower. We provide exemplary landscaping and lawn care services for our valued residential customers. Keeping weeds away can be a big job, but we’ve got you covered! Get in touch with us today to learn more!

I’m worried about chemicals on my property what should I do?

At Mr. Lawnmower, we offer three distinct lawn care packages: Our Organic Lawn Care Program, Hybrid Lawn Care Program, and Traditional Lawn Care Program. If using weed killing chemicals is a concern for you, choose our Organic or Hybrid programs. Our Organic Program avoids the use of traditional chemicals and is extremely safe for people, pets, and the environment while providing sustainable, long-lasting results. Our Hybrid Program uses only some chemicals and is still very safe and effective. Contact a weed control expert from Mr. Lawnmower to learn more.

Enjoy a Beautiful Weed-Free Lawn Minus the Hassle

Our team utilizes tried and true methods to prevent unsightly weeds from forming in your lawn. We provide both post-emergent and pre-emergent weed control services.

Some types of common lawn weeds include:

Grassy weeds such as annual ryegrass, blanket crabgrass, witch grass, and creeping bentgrass. Broadleaf weeds such as alligatorweed, alsike clover, Asiatic hawsbeard, and annual sowthistle

We know how to tackle and eliminate all of these common weed types and more. Protecting your lawn requires understanding and vigilance. Our pros are here for you. We understand the types of weeds you might encounter in your area and how to remove them and prevent them from growing in the future.

Fertilization Services for Home Landscaping

Residential Services

Elite Landscaping & Lawn Care Service Experts for Homeowners Nationwide

In order for your lawn to grow, it needs nutrition just like people. Fertilizer provides the nutrition your lawn needs to be healthy and strong and to continue growing and staying green and vibrant through the seasons. Proper fertilization is an important part of any complete residential lawn care plan.

At Mr. Lawnmower, we work closely with our customers to develop customized lawn fertilization plans to ensure that their lawns receive the nutrition they need to grow. We use high-quality, control release fertilizers designed to encourage and stimulate turf growth. Contact a fertilization expert from our team at Mr. Lawnmower to learn more about our lawn care and maintenance service packages.

Fertilization Keeps Grass Healthy & Holds Weeds at Bay

Fertilization is a crucial aspect of many of our lawn care services, including:


From tidying edges to planting flowering annuals to providing fertilization, mulching, and weed control treatments, we keep your garden beds / plant beds looking perfect throughout the year. Fertilizer is an important piece of this puzzle.


Keeping your lawn green and gorgeous seasonally requires fertilization treatments.


Many people don’t realize this, but fertilization and effective weed control go hand in hand. By making sure that your grass is healthy and thick, you’ll be effectively preventing the growth of unwanted plants. Most weed seeds won’t make it to the soil; those that do won’t receive sunlight and water. By feeding the “good,” meaning the grass on your lawn, you will effectively starve the “bad,” meaning weeds.

Choose Mr. Lawnmower for Quality Landscaping & Lawn Care

Let us help you keep your lawn beautiful from season to season. We’re here to serve you!

Residential Turf Enchantment Services

Residential Services

Want to Keep Your Lawn Healthy? Get Us On the Job!

At Mr. Lawnmower, we understand that having a beautiful, healthy lawn is one of the most important aspects of your outdoor space. Not only that, but it is one of the most valuable assets you can have as a homeowner. A lush, green lawn adds value and curb appeal to your home.

To ensure your turf stays green and growing strong throughout the years, you need to schedule turf enhancement appointments and general lawn care with Mr. Lawnmower!

Turf Services & Care We Offer

We provide a range of turf services for your home:


Breaking up the layers of stems and roots entangles on the surface of your soil to ensure moisture can get to your lawn’s roots.


Adding a thin layer of soil over your lawn to improve the soil content without harming your existing turf.


Producing small plugs (holes) in your soil to prevent compaction and promote better circulation of air and water.

Our team has the special equipment necessary to handle these turf enhancements to ensure your turf doesn’t deteriorate over time. After we’re done, you’ll have a healthy, more efficient lawn.

When our team is on the job, you can rest assured knowing we’ll deliver quality results. We make sure to help improve the drainage of your turf, eliminate pools of water, enhance your soil, deliver a stronger green colour, improve drainage, and reduce patchy bald spots on your lawn!

Need Residential Horticulture Services?

Residential Services

Keeping Your Landscape Beautiful Through the Seasons

For homeowners, horticulture can be very important. Essentially, our horticulture services help you cultivate and manage your garden. Our professionals take both the beauty and functionality of your garden into consideration to keep your property lush, attractive, and green throughout the year. We know that this can be a big job for any homeowner, which is why Mr. Lawnmower is here to provide exceptional horticulture services you can depend on.

Comprehensive Services for Your Landscape & Garden

Having a beautiful garden is great, but maintaining that garden can be challenging. The good news is that the professionals at Mr. Lawnmower are proud to offer the quality horticulture services you need to keep your home exterior beautiful throughout the year.

You can call on us for a range of different services, including:


Your landscape should reflect your preferences and style. Our team can help renovate your current design with advanced landscape designs and hardscapes, giving you the ideal outdoor space.


Your trees and shrubs play a big role in your landscape and garden design, which is why we offer seasonal pest control, pruning seasons, and horticultural oil to keep these investments healthy.


Your garden bed requires regular upkeep and care, from mulching to replanting for the seasons. We can help keep it vibrant and healthy year-round!


Your garden should be filled with colours that reflect the seasons, which is why we utilize our scientific training to deliver gorgeous seasonal colour to your landscape.

Choose Our Experts for Your Horticulture Needs

Mr. Lawnmower cares about our customers, going above and beyond to exceed their expectations. We understand how important it is to keep your garden and landscape healthy, which is why we are here to provide you with the expert horticulture services your property needs. From regular maintenance to effective treatment programs, we can do it all.