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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting for Homes

Residential Services

Enhancing the Beauty of Your Landscape

While enjoying your home exterior in natural sunlight is great, having the right outdoor lighting set up can make your outdoor area even more enjoyable at night. Our professionals are trained in outdoor lighting, equipping us to enhance your beautiful landscape design when the sun goes down. We can add all types of light features and styles, giving you the perfect look you’ve always wanted.

Handling All Aspects of Outdoor Lighting

While many people think of landscape lighting as a great way to create the perfect ambiance, it also serves another purpose: safety. Ensuring your lawn, hardscapes, and landscape areas area well lit can help prevent any dangerous accidents. From deck lights to holiday lights, we can handle it all. We offer a range of outdoor lighting services, from installing light timers for your yard to replacing existing bulbs.

We can install and maintain all types of outdoor lights, including:

String lights, Post lights, Energy efficient lights Security lights, Outdoor lamps, LED outdoor lights, Deck lights, Landscape lights, Motion activated lights.

You can also call on our team to install or fix wires that are below ground, manage transformers and voltage settings, and ensure your vegetation isn’t negatively affected by lights.

Ready to Light Up Your Property? Call for a Free Quote!

Whether you need to have Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year lights installed or just want to add some more functionality and beauty to your lawn, Mr. Lawnmower have you covered. If you would like to learn more about the outdoor lighting services we can provide for your home, please feel free to reach out to us today! We provide complimentary quotes to all potential customers.

Residential Holiday Lighting Services

Residential Services

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays with Our Help

Want your home to impress the neighbors this holiday? Avoid the hassle of stringing up lights and working around your landscape by calling on the experts at Mr. Lawnmower! We offer expert lighting services that will turn your home into a holiday haven! Enjoy your home during the holidays and cut back on the stress by leaving the decorative outdoor lighting to the professionals.

Our goal is to make sure your home looks welcoming, festive, and cozy—without you having to untangle a single light strand. That means you can enjoy the holiday festivities with one less thing to worry about.

Leave the Lighting to the Professionals

Holiday season can be wonderful, but it can also be overwhelming, busy, and full of chores. Why burden yourself with one more task to tackle when you can let our team handle your outdoor lighting?

When you hire us, you get:

Peace of mind knowing your lights have been done properly. A beautiful, festive home without having to deal with the hassle. More time to spend with your family, friends, and loved ones this season.

Hanging up holiday lights for Christmas, Hanukah, or the New Year season can be more than just a hassle, it can be dangerous! When you leave it to our professionals, you can avoid the risk of serious injury and stay home for the holidays rather than visiting the hospital.

Discuss Your Holiday Lighting with Our Team

Mr. Lawnmower is here to help capture your holiday vision. We have experience in all types of outdoor lighting, from string lights to landscape accents. Our team regularly installs holiday lights for hotels, shopping centres, schools, and residential properties. Whether your house is big or small, we are ready to deliver a bit of festive cheer to light up your home!