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Interlock driveways & Patio Paving

interlock landscaping
interlock landscaping

Residential Landscape Design

Beautify your home with landscape design and construction services. Some of the services that we offer include driveway interlocking, patio paving, driveway paving, and more. Customize your landscape to include exactly what you want, from interlock driveways to landscape lighting. Read more to learn about different options you can use to upgrade your outdoor space.


One of the most popular types of landscape design materials that you can incorporate into your landscape is stonework. Stonework is tough, allowing it to withstand all weather conditions. This translates into durability that saves you money as stonework lasts for years. Compared to other landscape elements, stonework requires minimal maintenance, saving you time and money.

When used correctly, stonework can enhance the appearance of your space. Best of all, stonework is incredibly versatile as it can be used as interlocking paving bricks to create a range of structures like rock gardens, walking paths, patios, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens.

Aquatic Features

Aquatic features such as fountains and ponds are also incredibly popular. The sound of water will make it feel like you are surrounded by nature while reducing noise pollution. Flowing water can also provide a tranquil place to relax and de-stress.

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Patio And Decks

Regardless of the material selected, patios and decks can dramatically enhance the usability of your landscape. This is true whether you go for interlocking and paving materials made of stone or otherwise. Patios and decks also tend to be a key location for entertaining and are available in a range of sizes and styles.

Landscape Lighting

The use of landscape lighting can supplement the other elements of your property, letting you enjoy your space any time of day. Use the lights to turn a feature like a bird bath or fountain into a key element of your landscape that you can appreciate. Or set them up so the entire space can be illuminated sufficiently for you to sit outside and read at night. With landscape lighting, your patio can function just like any room in your house, minus the roof. As a bonus, landscape lighting also deters thieves and wild animals from intruding on your property. There are many types of landscape lighting options available. Choose between soft illumination, bright lighting, or anything in between.

Plants And Shrubs

Of course, no landscape design is complete without plants and shrubs. These elements add to the visual appeal of your property while helping the planet. Our team will work with you to identify different types of greenery that will compliment your property best.

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Residential Hardscape Design

Hardscapes are our other focus at Mr. Lawnmower when it comes to landscape construction. These are man-made materials like patio pavers, fire pits, or stepping stones. For the best results, merge hardscape and softscapes to create a beautiful landscape.


Including a fireplace in your landscape can enhance its homey feel, making it truly feel like an extension of your home. With a fireplace, you can enjoy your backyard well into the fall and winter as the heat from the fire can keep you warm. A fireplace is perfect for roasting s’mores or just relaxing on a chilly day. Many homeowners also consider it an aesthetically pleasing element of their landscape, elevating the feel of the space.

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Sidewalks are a crucial part of any landscape design as they let you comfortably navigate your landscape while adding to the appearance of your home. A well-placed sidewalk will give you access to all areas in your yard without having to step on the grass or over a flower bed. Many homeowners prefer a sidewalk in their landscape instead of stepping stones since they make maintenance simple. Sidewalks are also ideal if someone in your family is in a wheelchair or if you want to be able to use a wheelbarrow to move gardening supplies around property.

Stepping Stones

Others prefer to incorporate stepping stones instead of smooth sidewalks as they are more visually appealing. Stepping stones will also protect your lawn by providing a designated path in a fun and creative manner. We can install circular stepping stones, ovals, or any other shape you choose to add character to your space.


Another combination of softscapes and hardscapes can be found in fountains, which can involve a hardscape design that can be as simple or elegant as you want. The design can feature smooth lines with minimal seams and poured concrete, a mosaic of gorgeous tiles/stones, or anything in between.

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Walls And Retaining Walls

Hardscape designs in your landscape also include practical elements, like retaining walls to prevent soil from eroding, even on sloping land. If you would like to include a retaining wall in your landscape, don’t worry about it detracting from your space. We can set it up to be a focal point that sections off an area of your yard for a special purpose or incorporate it into the landscape. We can do similar things with regular walls, dividing the space as you see fit. There are numerous ways to help walls blend into your landscape, such as covering them with ivy or wall-mounted flower pots.

Staircases And More

When it comes to hardscapes in your landscape design, there is no limit. We can include staircases to let you reach a rear balcony from your backyard or assist with other minor structures. If you do not want a full fireplace, we can create a fire pit. The possibilities are endless.