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Weekly Grass Cutting

grass cutting service
grass cutting services

Toronto Lawn Mowing Services

Weekly lawn mowing services can help ensure your grass remains healthy and beautiful, adding to the value of your property and enhancing curb appeal. Lawn mowing one of the many services we provide our residential clients.

Hiring a landscaper tends to be a better choice than doing it yourself since experts will get the job done more efficiently and do so without accidentally damaging the turf. Our process for weekly lawn mowing services is straightforward yet effective, ensuring your lawn is healthy and aesthetically pleasing without any effort on your part.

Grass Cutting

We start by cutting your grass using our lawnmowers. Since we have the right tools for the job, we can complete this task in a fraction of the time it would take the average homeowner, saving you time and effort. We use proven methods, such as alternating mowing directions to reduce wear on your lawn contributing to its overall health.

Enjoy a clean and fresh lawn throughout the summer season. Contact a landscaping professional today at 416-298-2148.

Edge Trimming

Once we take care of the actual cutting, our lawn mowing service continues with edging. This is when we go to the borders of your lawn, where it meets the sidewalk or driveway, to ensure all the grass has been properly cut. Edging lets us ensure that all areas of your lawn are the same length, including those that are hard to reach, so you get to enjoy a uniform appearance. Our edging process targets the grass right next to all the following areas: driveways, sidewalks, flower beds, and trees.

Blowing Of Grass Trimmings

You cannot get the aesthetic benefits of a lawn mowing service if your property is covered in grass trimmings. That is why we always finish up by blowing the grass trimmings from all concrete areas like driveways, walkways, etc. This allows for an immaculate and clean appearance when we leave your property. The result? A freshly cut lawn.

lawn mowing service

Lawn Mowing For Aesthetic Benefits

Lawn mowing delivers an obvious cosmetic benefit by giving the appearance of a well-manicured lawn. A gorgeous lawn lets others know that you take pride in your property. It can help you maintain a favorable reputation with your neighbors by keeping the neighborhood’s appearance to a high standard. If you plan on selling your home soon, a well-trimmed lawn indicates that you take good care of the property, helping to increase its value.

Grass Cutting For Uniform Growth

Taking the time to regularly mow your lawn also encourages the grass to grow in a consistent and uniform manner. This is a natural consequence of the way that lawn mowing gives all areas of your grass the same amount of water and sunlight.  Balanced access to nutrients leads to uniform growth. The ability of the grass to evenly distribute the sun and nutrients allows for improved overall health.

Contact a professional landscape consultant today at 416-298-2148.

Improves Strength of the Grass

Lawn mowing does more than just make it look better; it also improves its strength. Each blade of grass reacts to the process of being cut in a different way. The weak blades will die, leaving behind only the strongest blades of grass. This process repeats each time grass cutting is done, eventually ensuring that only the healthiest blades of grass remain. The resulting grass can now withstand different weather conditions, including times where fewer nutrients are available.

Lawn Mowing and Mulching

When lawn mowing, some of the grass blades get left behind. This is true even if you have a lawn mower that collects grass or if you use a blower to collect them later. Neither method will pick up 100% of the grass blades. Those that are left allow for natural, built-in fertilization. They compost quickly and work as a fertilizer, providing nutrients to the remaining grass on your lawn.

grass cutting toronto

Lawn Mowing Leads To Simpler Maintenance

Your lawn tends to be much easier to maintain when you cut the grass on a regular basis. With weekly lawn mowing services, the grass never grows too high. Additionally, you will never have debris and fallen leaves build up to the point where you cannot mow without first spending hours raking. In other words, weekly lawn mowing saves you time in the long run.

Lawn Mowing For Weed Management

Anyone who has ever had to deal with weeds knows that they can be persistent and are easier to deal with when you can see them. Shorter grass makes it quick to spot any weeds that pop up, so you can target them with a spot-treatment. Once the weeds are gone, your lawn will be healthier as well as more visually pleasing.

Reasons To Hire A Professional For Lawn Mowing

While lawn mowing yourself is a strong step towards its overall health, there are additional benefits to hiring a professional for your grass cutting needs. Firstly, you don’t need to put in the time or effort to take care of the lawn yourself. There is no need to sweat under the sun or sacrifice the time you would otherwise spend with family.

Additionally, a professional lawn mowing company already has the right type of equipment, saving you the hassle of investing in a lawnmower or edger. Even better, the use of professional equipment allows lawn maintenance to take a fraction of the time.

You should also keep in mind that anytime you cut your lawn, there is a potential to damage the grass if you do not follow best practices when mowing your lawn. A damaged lawn can lead to stunted grass growth and an eye-sore in an otherwise perfect lawn. Mr. Lawnmower, however, avoids these problems and takes care of your lawn so you have time to relax.