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Mr. Lawnmower landscaping's commercial landscape maintenance packages include a full range of services that will make sure your property is taken care of throughout the season.

From commercial snow removal in Toronto to commercial lawn maintenance, our years of being a leading landscaping company in Toronto allow us to have a full understanding on how to keep your outdoor space looking beautiful and inviting.

Browse through our commercial landscaping services to understand how they can improve your business and your lifestyle.

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Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Commercial lawn maintenance is perhaps the most common service our Toronto landscaping team offers in terms of landscape maintenance during Spring, Summer, and Fall. This is because nearly all commercial properties have some sort of greenery, even if they do not have any other landscaping elements. We strive to ensure your lawn is green, thriving, and healthy as this not only beautifies your property but also helps the planet.

Our Toronto commercial landscaping team handles multiple aspects of commercial lawn maintenance to ensure your lawn maintains an appealing appearance. With Mr. Lawnmower's assistance, your lawn can remain healthy and immaculate, conveying the image of a well-maintained commercial landscape.

Our Toronto commercial landscaping services take place year-round, with tasks targeted to each season. For example, during the spring, we ensure your lawn receives proper nutrients by picking up any leftover debris from the winter that may block sunlight. In the fall, we perform a final clean-up to prepare the grass for the winter.

Commercial Garden Bed Maintenance

Many businesses choose to supplement their landscape with garden beds, which we also design and maintain. Working with your local commercial landscaping specialist gives you the ability to accommodate the unique requirements of the flowers you choose to have on your property. If you feel that your flower bed needs an upgrade, we are always available to recommend gorgeous plants that thrive in Toronto’s weather conditions and ones that work best with your soil.

Both the planting and maintenance of your garden beds by our team is done in an economical fashion that will improve your plants’ ability to last throughout the year, adding some color to your landscape. As a bonus, garden beds upgrade the feel of your property and add a nice aroma when the flowers are in bloom.

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Commercial Tree and Shrub Care

No Toronto commercial landscaping service is complete without caring for your trees and shrubs. Mr. Lawnmower's team focuses on providing a range of commercial landscaping maintenance services related to shrubs and trees. We can plant this greenery for you as well. We use our knowledge of the area and your requirements to suggest species that would work best on your property.

Following the initial planting, our tree and shrub care is all-inclusive with a focus on sustainable methods. We use methods like pruning and trimming to encourage the overall health of plants while preventing limbs from overreaching and getting into pedestrian or vehicular areas. Our commercial landscaping services also extend to shrubs or trees that are weak or infested. In these situations, we evaluate the plant in question then go over safe choices for restoring its health.

We are always honest about the health of trees, including when they require replacement, as we feel that an open conversation regarding your landscape is crucial for its well-being. Some of the services related to tree and shrub care that we offer include pruning, tree removal, stump removal, and grinding.

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Commercial Fall Clean-up

Mr. Lawnmower landscaping's commercial fall clean-up prepares your greenery for the winter, ensuring that there are no fallen leaves or branches remaining and the plants are strong enough to handle the upcoming winter season. Commercial fall clean up services are very similar to those during the spring as they also include leaf raking, blowing, clearing branches, mulching leaves, trimming, edging, and cultivating flower beds.

At this time of the year, we will also remove and compost your annuals. A thorough commercial fall clean-up will ensure your landscape looks its best once the snow clears and spring arrives.

Commercial Spring Clean-up

The climate in Toronto requires additional commercial landscaping services in spring and fall. The focus of spring cleanup is to recover from the winter and provide your plants with everything they need to remain healthy throughout the spring and summer. After our spring cleanup, your lawn will have a well-groomed appearance.

Our spring cleanup covers the full property and includes services like leaf blowing, raking, clearing branches, mulching leaves, cultivating flower beds, trimming, and edging. Our commercial landscaping services in Toronto during spring cleanup also extend to power sweeping and power washing exterior areas like parking lots and sidewalks.

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Commercial Irrigation Systems

Like most of our Toronto commercial landscaping services, our team can install irrigation systems in addition to repairing and maintaining them. A functional and effective irrigation system is crucial for ensuring that your landscape thrives. Without proper irrigation, you must depend on rainfall to support your greenery.

Irrigation installation is based on knowledge as well as experience of what works best for your specific plants based on multiple factors. This allows for the creation of an efficient system that will use minimal water while hydrating your plants. The system can also utilize technology like sensors and/or timers to minimize the effort you must put into using it.

In addition to installing and designing your irrigation system, we take care of maintenance and repairs, including spring and fall tasks. In spring, we activate your irrigation system and test it to ensure everything functions correctly. In the fall, we winterize the system, so it does not become damaged during the winter months.

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Landscape Construction

Upgrade your business with our commercial landscaping construction services, from the design to execution, we do it all. We begin by laying out the site and creating a landscape illustration in 3D. Throughout the process, our team takes care of project management and site development.

Once we have worked with you to craft a landscape design that meets your needs, it’s time to implement. This process can include steps like grading, draining, and irrigation as well as installing top soil. We take care of planting horticulture of all types as well as constructing hardscapes. Our hardscapes can include interlocking, turf stones, patio paving, and more. Afterwards, we work to maintain your landscape, so it always looks its best.

Creative Softscapes

We recognize that most landscapes combine hardscape features with softscapes and we can create softscapes that help your property get noticed. Mr. Lawnmower landscaping's team of professional horticulturists will work closely with you to determine your requirements and incorporate those into a softscape design that you’ll love. From there, we will craft, plant, and maintain a softscape that includes features like trees, flower beds, shrubs, and more.

Are you looking to improve the appearance of your business? Contact a Toronto landscaping professional today at 416-298-2148 to book a free consultation. We are always here to help with your commercial landscaping needs.

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Water Features

Water features can further enhance your existing landscape. We incorporate these features in an environmentally-friendly manner with minimal water usage. The strategic use of a water feature can transform your commercial landscape to deliver serenity and peace, providing a place for customers and employees to relax. Water features can also help reduce noise pollution and increase the overall curb appeal of your property.

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