Spring Clean-Up in toronto

spring clean up toronto
spring clean-up services in toronto

Spring Clean-Up For Your Home

As seasons change, it’s important to ensure your landscaping needs are kept in mind. Spring is the most popular time of the year to schedule your spring clean-up services in Toronto. With our affordable landscaping services in Toronto, we’ll have your home looking clean and tidy in preparation for the summer ahead. Our spring clean-up services in Toronto are customized according to the layout and requirements of your property to ensure all aspects are taken into consideration. Read further to learn more about our spring clean-up process and how it can benefit you.

Spring Clean-Up Process: Pick Up Debris, Leaves, and Garbage

To ensure a thorough spring clean-up is completed, we begin by cleaning up any leftover debris, leaves, and garbage that are still there from the previous season. Unless your fall clean-up was immediately before the first snowfall, there are likely some leaves and other debris remaining under several inches of snow. By removing these items, we ensure that your lawn, flower beds, and plants have access to the air, sun, and water so they get the necessary nutrients to thrive.

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Edging and Turning Beds During Spring Clean-Up

During the winter months, the edges of your flower beds likely became less defined due to snow piling on top. During the spring yard clean-up process, our team will take care of this by edging and turning your garden beds, returning their well-defined edges for that sleek appearance.

Shrub Trimming

During the spring clean-up process, we will also make sure to trim back any shrubs on your property. This lets us ensure that they do not interfere on walkways or on your driveway. At the same time, it lets us remove any undesired branches/portions, so your shrubs can stay healthy.

spring clean up services

Improves Appearance with a Thorough yard clean-up

For many homeowners, the most obvious benefit of a spring clean-up in Toronto is to enhance the appearance of their landscape. When spring arrives, you likely have not taken care of your lawn in several months due to the snow cover. A spring clean-up is the perfect opportunity to give your landscape the love it needs to boost its curb appeal. Contact the best landscaping company in Toronto today for a free quote.

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Spring clean-up Improves Plant Health

An in-depth spring clean-up in Toronto will improve the overall health of your plants in several ways. For shrubs and trees, pruning back dead or dying limbs will prevent the plant from wasting nutrients on branches that do not need it. Don’t forget that trimming back shrubs and trees will also minimize the risk of damage due to poor weather, like heavy rains or hail. For garden beds, pruning will also encourage more blooms to appear.

Spring Yard Clean-Up Encourages Growth

Clearing debris and leaves from your yard gives the plants access to sun and nutrients so they can grow and thrive. The first lawn cutting of the season enhances this effect by making the grass the same length, so it all has equal access to those nutrients.

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