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Fall Clean-up in Toronto

fall clean up services toronto
fall clean up in toronto

Residential Fall Clean-Up Services

At Mr. Lawnmower Landscaping, we always strive to ensure your property looks its best, regardless of the season. Our fall clean-up services in Toronto accomplish this during the autumn. At the same time, they prepare your property for the upcoming winter season. Think of it as a final fall clean-up before everything gets buried in snow.

Fall Clean-Up For A Gorgeous Lawn

Those who take pride in their home tend to prefer a well-maintained appearance all year long. With a fall yard clean-up in Toronto, your property will look its best right up until the end of the season. A final fall clean-up delivers the same benefits as any other weekly service from the top landscaping company in Toronto.

Are you looking to schedule a fall clean up before the winter season? Call Mr. Lawnmower Landscaping today for a free consultation at 416-298-2148 or send us an email through our contact form.

Encourage Lawn Growth With Fall Clean-up

Although lawn growth slows down significantly during the winter, there is still minor growth. By taking care of a final lawn cutting, you ensure that your grass is even and has equal access to the sun and nutrients. This encourages growth, allowing your grass to look gorgeous at the end of the winter. By performing a final fall clean-up in Toronto to remove leaves and debris also serves a similar benefit. Those debris can block the sunlight and nutrients that would fall and prevent photosynthesis.

fall yard clean up in toronto

Eliminate the Risk of Disease in Dead Materials

Without a thorough fall clean-up, dead leaves, twigs, and debris would be left to sit on your lawn all winter long. In addition to being unsightly, these materials can pose a health problem to your landscape. Dead materials can host diseases, mold, and bacteria. By removing all debris on your property, you take preventative action preventing bacteria from thriving. Not only could those items be harmful for your property, but they may also lead to an unappealing smell once the snow melts.

Fall Clean-up For Displacing Harmful Insects

Another benefit of a fall clean-up service related to your landscape’s health is the displacement of invasive insects. Many of these insects will spend winter on the ground and may have already prepared everything they need to withstand the cold weather. By cleaning your property, we displace these insects from your property, so they are unable to inflict damage on your trees or other elements of the landscape.

Contact your professional landscaping company in Toronto today at 416-298-2148 or send us an email.

The Ideal Time for Trimming

Fall is the most ideal time to address any trimming concerns you may have regarding shrubs and bushes. This is the case because plants are preparing to hibernate for the winter and the shock associated with the trimming is less severe, encouraging plant health. As a bonus, shorter branches on trees and shrubs minimizes the amount of snow that can accumulate on the plants, reducing the weight they must bear.



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