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Snow & Ice Management

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Toronto’s Number 1 Commercial Snow Removal Service

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Focused on keeping your business clean and safe throughout the winter season, Mr. Lawnmower is the most reliable commercial snow removal company in Toronto. We are fully equipped to handle the most demanding properties like hospitals, commercial plazas, buildings, condos, retail stores, malls, religious institutions, and other large scale properties.

Our property based flat-rate commercial snow removal includes full maintenance to allow for safe and uninterrupted access to your business throughout the winter season. With our professional snow removal services, you can rest easy at the next snowfall knowing that you do not have to go out in the cold and ice to clear a path yourself. Just leave it to the pros and stay warm inside. Contact the best landscaping company in Toronto today for a free snow removal quote.

All Inclusive Snow & Ice Removal, All Winter Long

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Make your property clean with professional snow removal

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Mr. Lawnmower Landscaping Services is a professional landscaping and snow removal company that has a strong commitment to quality and excellence. We have over 15 years of experience serving the Greater Toronto Area, helping clients maintain the appearance of their property year-round.

We work hard to deliver top-notch snow removal services so you don’t have to worry about snow melting and freezing into dangerous ice. This gives you one less concern when it comes to you, your employees, or even potential customers, slipping on ice. Our attention to detail ensures that your property looks gorgeous and well-maintained following any amount of snowfall. Alongside our exceptional snow removal service, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service and encourage feedback on ways we can improve.

Making Life easier for businesses with commercial snow removal in toronto

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Businesses of all types can benefit from snow removal contracts as it takes away one of the least-liked winter chores. Businesses will find themselves with one less task to complete in the morning (or throughout the day in active snowfall). Not only can snow removal contracts make your opening procedures progress smoothly, but it will also limit the amount of money you have to spend paying employees to shovel your entire property.

If you decide to have one of your employees take care of the snow removal every morning, it will take time away from other tasks they could be completing instead. You will still have to pay your employees for the time spent shoveling your property, and they will not be able to help with opening procedures, organization, or sales. A more logical approach would be to hire professional snow removal company to clear up your parking lot and sidewalks in minutes instead of paying an employee for several hours.

Comprehensive Snow Removal Management

Completely Unlimited, Flat-Rate Seasonal Snow & Ice Maintenance

Freezing Event Service
Daytime Snow Removal
Nighttime Snow Removal
All-inclusive winter maintenance
Emergency daytime response visits
Emergency nighttime response visits
Ice melter bins available upon request
24/7 Weather Monitoring and service tracking
Unlimited snowfall and freezing event coverage
Guaranteed service for every snowfall over 5cm’s
Superior level of service with quality customer service
Automatic De-Icing (Salting) for Ice Storms, freezing rain, etc
Numerous visits performed during continuous snow falls/storms
The best commercial snow and ice removal company in Toronto


Making your business fully accessible with snow removal

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When it comes to snow removal for businesses, clearing your property in a timely manner is crucial. If the sidewalk or parking lot is covered in snow, you will likely miss out on potential customers who cannot access your business. With our snow removal services, your parking lot and sidewalks will be ready when customers come to visit you.

When dealing with overnight snow falls, we remove the accumulated snow as early as possible, typically completing this before normal business hours. In the case of snow removal services during the day, we will still do our best to get to your business as quickly as possible. You can always count on us to arrive in a timely fashion so you don’t have to worry about snow interfering with your business for an extended period of time.

Save money with reliable snow removal in toronto

snow removal toronto

Everyone in Toronto likely has a shovel in their garage, but a shovel is not enough for the average business. You likely do not have a place to store all the snow removal equipment you would need. If you want to be cost-effective with your snow removal, you would need to invest in a several types of equipment, but that is an extra business expense and you would have to find somewhere to store it.

Ideally, you would need to have a truck with a plow attachment, plows, tractors, and other items which would cost a fortune and take up a great deal of room. Instead, you can hire the best snow removal company in Toronto to get the job done, resulting in saved time and money.

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Helping you protect your business with snow removal in Toronto

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Snow and ice are known for leading to injuries, particularly when someone slips on ice and falls. Anyone who has lived in Toronto for at least one winter likely has a story about slipping on snow and ice from a spot that didn’t get cleared. As a business, this can lead to significant legal problems, particularly if a potential customer or even just a passerby is injured and files an insurance claim or a lawsuit against you and your business.

For this very reason, many businesses trust Mr. Lawnmower Landscaping with their snow removal needs throughout the winter season. Our teams do a complete job that clears all the hard-to-reach areas so there is no snow on your property which could lead to a potential law suit. Hiring our professionals for your commercial snow removal needs will help you save money long-term while protecting your business.

24/7 Snow Removal Monitoring

If you look after the snow removal necessities for your business, you know how frustrating it can be to keep up to date with the weather forecast. With our snow removal services, Mr. Lawnmower will automatically come to your business if a snow fall occurs. There is no need for you to check the weather. In fact, we actually monitor the weather 24/7, allowing us to make the necessary preparations before a storm hits.

We actually go beyond simply checking the weather and showing up by providing you with transparency through our time and service tracking app. Thanks to this app, you can easily check when we visited your property and performed snow removal services, including the ability to view a history log of all visits.

Maintain Your Business’s Curb Appeal in the winter with a snow removal contract

As landscapers, we understand all the effort that go into maintaining the curb appeal of your business. Having cleared pathways is another way to maintain that appearance of your business during winter months. Clean sidewalks and a clean parking lot show that your business is well-cared-for. By addressing your business’s snow removal needs, your customers know that you are a well-organized and established business that can solve their issues.

Simplified Flat Rate Snow Removal Contracts

With a professional snow removal contract, you will know exactly what you pay. We charge a flat rate for the entire season. This makes it incredibly easy to budget for snow plowing services at any point during the year.

By contrast, if you were to keep snow removal in-house, you would never know how much time you or an employee must spend on removing snow until the snow arrives. Since time is money, this unpredictability makes it challenging to create a defined budget for your business.


No Emergency Snow Removal Needed

snow removal

Some smaller businesses feel that they can handle snow removal themselves only to run into issues later. Here’s a scenario. What happens if there is a large snowfall and your employees cannot get into work on time? There may only be one person in the business, making it impossible to take care of tasks and shovel the snow. Your only options in that situation would be to leave the snow and risk lawsuits or lack of access or to find a company that can remove the snow (at a premium charge). Or maybe the snow is so high that you cannot get to your business to grab your snow removal equipment.

Since most snow plowing services work on a contract basis, you may have trouble finding a company with an opening. If you do find one, they will likely charge you a very sizable fee since it will be considered emergency snow removal. If this happens a few times, you will end up spending more on emergency snow removal than you would have if you had gotten a removal contract at the beginning of the season. Save your company time & money by starting off the winter right with a snow removal contract.

Snow Removal Before Business Hours

One of the most important features of our snow removal services is plowing the snow overnight. When snowfalls take place overnight we always strive to get the snow cleared before normal business hours. We understand that a delay in snow removal can prevent your employees from accessing your building or stop you from opening up on time. Since lost time is lost income, we make a serious effort to come by with our snow removal plows and other professional equipment as early as possible, usually prior to typical business hours (depending on snowfall timing).

Multiple Snow Removal Visits During Daytime Snowfalls

With a snow removal contract, you do not have to worry about snowfalls during the day or night. If snowfall begins overnight, we will start you off on the right foot with our snow plowing services before business hours, when possible. Then, throughout the day, we will come back to your property as often as necessary to ensure that the snow does not accumulate too high. This way, you do not have to worry about an active snowfall blocking your parking lot or making the pathway to your business impossible to navigate.

Snow Removal Time Tracking and Reporting

With our snow removal tracking service, you can view when we cleared and salted your property and how many visits we made throughout the winter season. Our app streams live site service updates directly to your mobile device allowing you to stay up to date on each and every service performed. With unlimited access, you can see when your property was serviced anytime anywhere.

Extra Protection with Salting & De-Icing

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After our snow plowing services have been completed, we take extra precautions to prevent customers and employees from slipping by salting your property. In the case of freezing events that do not involve any snow, we apply ice melter (salt) to prevent ice from forming and posing a safety hazard. Salting can be included with your snow removal contract or you can choose to be charged per salting application. Whether there is an ice storm, freezing rain, or any other weather event that leads to the possible accumulation of ice, we will salt your property ensuring its safety.

Don’t leave your business at the mercy of the weather or force your employees to spend hours shoveling snow. Instead, let Mr. Lawnmower Landscaping Services assist you. Contact us to learn more about our snow removal contracts and get peace of mind this winter.




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