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Snow & Ice Management

Residential Snow & Ice Removal

Residential Services

Maintaining Your Home’s Safety Throughout the Winter

Homeowners throughout Canada know that ice and snow can wreak havoc on a house if not properly maintained throughout the winter months. That is why Mr. Lawnmower is here to provide the winter landscaping and lawn care services you need to keep your home safe and your lawn beautiful in the following seasons. Before the first snowfall even hits, our team is performing snow and ice management services to protect your property. What more could you ask for in a grounds care company?

What Type of Services Do You Offer?

The team at Mr. Lawnmower starts our snow and ice management services with an initial evaluation. During this part, we will come to your home and evaluate the area, identifying any curbs, lawn features, and other matters that may be hidden if heavy snowfall was to occur.

Once we are ready to perform regular snow and ice service, you can expect:


We are constantly monitoring meteorological data in your area so that we are on top of any snow or ice, keeping you informed if any concerns arise.


We make sure we are ready to go should you require any ice or snow management services from our team.


We regularly calibrate our equipment by monitoring dew points and temperature of the asphalt surrounding your area. This can help us avoid over-salting.


We take clearing away snow and ice from your home seriously, which is why we GPS track all our equipment to make sure the job is getting done.

Snow & Ice Services You Can Depend On

If you are looking for winter weather protection for your residential property, Mr. Lawnmower is here to deliver. We know that it can be difficult to keep up with the buildup of snow and ice around your home during these colder months. The good news is that our team is here to provide the professionals shoveling, plowing, and de-icing services you need!